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The Beaufort Porch Swing Hanging Bed is a gorgeous hand-crafted addition to your home. Imagine relaxing after a long day or spending quality time with friends and family!   

A porch swing bed provides you more room and ways to relax than a standard porch swing!

Porch Swing Hanging Beds by Carolina Hanging Beds!

The Beautiful Beaufort front small porch swing hanging bed


  • Choose between a crib or twin size
    • Crib: 62”L x 34”W x 29”H
    • Twin: : 86”L x 44”W x 29”H 
  • Handcrafted in Charleston SC
  • Choose Cypress, Sapele (similar to Mahogany), or Teak
  • Contemporary, stylish, comfort design
  • Overall size, may vary up to 2″Heavy duty chains
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Crib: Approximate Size: 62”L x 34”W x 29”H

  • Twin: Approximate Size: 86”L x 44”W x 29”H80″L  x 45″W  x 8″H

Cypress is a beautiful, distinctive, and durable wood that assures years of trouble-free satisfaction and its uses reflect that.  It is a close-grain wood that resists checking and warping, and it is long-lasting as well as weather-resistant. Cypress can be easily painted and holds paint longer than other wood.

Sapele is an African species that has many similarities with the more expensive Mahogany.  The color of Sapele wood is golden to dark reddish brown. Sapele belongs to the mahogany family. Sapele wood has great durability and Sapele wood furniture can last an exceptionally long time. The appearance of this type of wood furniture is natural and shiny., making it perfect substitution for its numerous exterior and interior applications.

Teak is a tropical honey brown wood. The natural teak oil contained in the wood, is resistant to all weather conditions and is resistant to aging. Teak wood also requires little to no maintenance and is often used in yachts and elegant outdoor estates.


Warranty from Carolina Hanging Beds:

  • All products sold by CCHB are warranted from manufacturing or material defects for a period of one year after delivery. The customer should inspect the merchandise at the time of delivery. Any damage or defects should be noted, photographed, and reported to CCHB and TPS, if applicable, immediately. CCHB reserves the right to inspect, repair or replace this merchandise at its discretion.

Like Carolina Hanging Beds, we at the Porch Swings Store value quality and our customers!

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