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Corporate Partnership with Plant With Purpose (501c3)

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The Porch Swings Store is proud to partner with Plant With Purpose (501c3 non-profit) in their incredible work “at the intersection of poverty alleviation, environmental restoration, and spiritual renewal” and providing “holistic sustainable development through local empowerment, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, building economic resilience, and restoring relationships throughout all of creation“.

Plant with Purpose Porch Swings Store
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The Porch Swings Store Commitment

We are committed to planting three trees for every product sold!

As our customer, you are taking part in a larger, global impact by helping communities around the world from a holistic perspective.

You are helping communities

  • reverse deforestation
  • helping families overcome poverty through sustainable agriculture
  • helping families increase their monthly savings
  • helping families live out their faith in their communities.

THANK YOU for partnering with us as customers to help change and empower generations!

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